Marine Research

a programme of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

The oceans make up 70 % of the Earth’s surface and bind 98 % of the free volume of water. We still know relatively little about the largest of the world’s habitats. Yet in addition to the atmosphere, the oceans play a central role in the Earth’s climatic processes and material balance.

In addition, they are a huge source of mineral and biological resources. In contrast to the open ocean, the coastal shelf seas make up only 10 % of the total surface of the seas. However, with 99 % of global fishing, they are an important food reservoir. The regions in the immediate vicinity of the coasts are also a valuable living and recreation area. Seventy percent of the world population live near coasts. The sustainable use of the seas and their resources can only be guaranteed if suitable strategies are developed. Marine research can provide the basis for this. The priority areas of this research include the sea as a climate factor and ecosystem, marine resources, marine and monitoring technology, as well as coastal zone management and coastal engineering.

BMBF funds marine research as part of its Research for Sustainable Development (FONA) programme.


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