Environment and Sustainability, Climate Protection Business Area 

Sustainability is more than environmental protection in the classic sense. In addition to ecological objectives, it includes social and economic goals. The German National Sustainability Strategy is thus closely coupled to European and international strategies. This also holds for the Federal Government’s "National Climate Protection Initiative", which especially aims to exploit potentials for emissions reduction.

The National Sustainability Strategy adopted by the Federal Government in 2002 forms the framework for research and development on sustainability. This strategy was further developed in the progress report published in late October 2008. Sustainable development is measured on the basis of 21 indicators, including innovations in research and development. The Federal Government does justice to this expectation with its framework programme "Research for Sustainable Development", which was announced in spring 2010 and is the successor to the previous framework programme "Research for Sustainability".

With the National Climate Protection Initiative of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU), Project Management Jülich coordinates a programme that exploits the existing potentials for emissions reduction in an affordable manner and that aims to push forward innovative model projects for climate protection. Of the six subprogrammes established so far, Project Management Jülich implements the "Funding programme for municipalities, social and cultural institutions", the "Funding programme for further development of the national part of the climate protection initiative", as well as the "Funding programme biomass for energy".

The Federal Government’s National Research Strategy is also integrated in European funding strategies via ERA-NET projects. Finally, Project Management Jülich coordinates the network of  the National Contact Point Environment for providing advice on EU-supported research funding in the EU’s Seventh Research Programme.

Competence profile

  • Environmental technologies
  • Environmental management
  • Biomass for energy
  • Sustainable land management
  • Integrated management of water resources
  • Materials efficiency
  • Resource efficiency
  • Climate protection strategies
  • Municipal climate protection
  • Strategies and instruments for sustainable development
  • Collaborative research, taking ecological, economic, and sociological aspects into account
  • International cooperations

National Programmes

BMBF framework programme "Research for Sustainability" (FONA)

BMU National Climate Protection Initiative

European coordination initiatives

  • ERA-Net WoodWisdomNet 2 – Forest and timber research in Europe
  • ERA-Net RURAGRI - Sustainable development of rural areas
  • ERA-Net ECO-INNOVERA - Funding of eco-innovations

Advisory institutions

Network of National Contact Points Environment [german website]

National Contact Point Water [german website]

National Contact Point Sustainable Land Use [german website]