Quality Management

In order to ensure that its quality standards are continuously improved and the efficiency of its work flows increased, Project Management Jülich introduced a quality management system in 2004. This system was certified according to the DIN EN ISO 9001 standard in 2005 and is reviewed on an annual basis as part of an external audit. The quality management system at Project Management Jülich is strategically oriented towards our Guiding Principles, business policy, and quality policy.

The quality management system means that Project Management Jülich has an instrument at its disposal for controlling the processes involved in project funding, the National Contact Points for European research funding, the Federal Government's "Research and Innovation" Funding Advisory Service, and the infrastructure processes. In so doing, the individual work flows are defined in terms of efficiency. A financial control system guarantees that quality standards are met, especially with respect to the key processes in the time required to process applications and with regard to advisory services. Defined indicators and time-series comparisons are used to read the respective current quality standard and priority measures needed to improve quality are determined.

In addition, Project Management Jülich regularly surveys its clients, funding recipients, and its own employees. The results are directly incorporated into further development of the quality standards and in turn, the service philosophy.