EXIST – University-Based Business Start-ups

a programme for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi)

Young, innovative companies are an important cornerstone for Germany’s economic competitiveness. This is particularly true for companies created in proximity to universities and research institutions that develop innovative products from new ideas and research results. With their outstanding research, German universities and research institutions are an ideal breeding ground for innovative ideas. Thanks to their technological edge, companies founded from these institutions are in a special position to become established in international markets and as a result, to grow more rapidly than other companies. This provides an excellent basis for high-quality jobs.

With the programme "EXIST – University-Based Business Start-Ups", BMWI supports start-ups from universities and nonuniversity research institutions. The goal is to more consistently transfer scientific research results to the economic value chain and in so doing, increase the number of innovative start-ups. To this end, BMWi uses three modules: establishing a lasting "culture of entrepreneurship" at universities and research institutions, promoting innovative business start-ups from universities and research institutions, and supporting outstanding research-based start-ups from research and science.


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