Entrepreneurial Regions

a programme of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

The BMBF innovation initiative for the New German Länder "Entrepreneurial Regions" aims to establish and expand the technological competence of regions and implement this competence in innovations. In 2004, BMBF brought together the four initiatives InnoRegio, Innovative Regional Growth Cores, Centres for Innovation Competence, and Innovation Forums that build on and complement each other to make a single family of programmes for the New German Länder. In 2005, the family of programmes was extended to include the initiative InnoProfile and in 2007, it added the funding programme ForMaT – Research for the Market in Teams.

In contrast to conventional regional and location promotion, BMBF consistently uses a bottom‑up approach for the "Entrepreneurial Regions" programme. A key factor in the programme is the initiative of the responsible parties from science and industry in a particular region. They are encouraged to consolidate and expand competence already existing in their companies and institutions in order to work together to obtain competitive and market advantages.


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