Areas of Project Funding

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Environment, Sustainability & System Earth
Research for Sustainable Development
Environment, Sustainability & System Earth
Coastal, Marine and Polar Research for Sustainability (MARE:N)
Environment, Sustainability & System Earth
Geosciences for Sustainability (GEO:N)
Environment, Sustainability & System Earth
Scientific and technological cooperation (STC)
Federal State Funding
Competitions North Rhine-Westphalia
Navigation and Marine Technology
Maritime Research Strategy 2025
Materials Technologies
New Materials in Bavaria
Climate Protection
National Climate Initiative
Technology Transfer and Business Start-Ups
EXIST – University-based business start-ups
Technology Transfer and Business Start-Ups
Entrepreneurial Regions

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Areas of project funding

  • 6th Energy Research Programme of the Federal Government/Applied Energy Research: Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH/Ralf-Uwe Limbach
  • 6th Energy Research Programme of the Federal Government/Basic Energy Research: DLR (CC-BY 3.0)
  • 7th Energy Research Programme of the Federal Government/Applied Energy Research: iStock/imaginima
  • Bavarian Energy Research Programme: deliormanli/iStock
  • Bioeconomy Research Program Baden-Württemberg: Petmal/iStock/thinkstock
  • Biomass Energy Use: Minerva Studio/iStock/thinkstock
  • Competitions North Rhine-Westphalia: adam_golabek/iStock/thinkstock
  • Electric Mobility: kasto80/iStock/thinkstock
  • EXIST – University-Based Business Start-Ups: g-stockstudio/iStock/thinkstock
  • Funding of measures for adaptation to impacts of climate change: graphicsdunia4you/iStock/thinkstock
  • Funding Measure „Innovative Hochschule“: altrendo images/Stockbyte/thinkstock
  • Funding Programme “Ideas Competition – Learning from Nature”: Alex011973/iStock/thinkstock
  • Funding Programme “From Material to Innovation”: Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH/Ralf-Uwe Limbach
  • GEO:N - Geosciences for Sustainability: juancat/iStock/thinkstock
  • Health Research Framework Programme: kasto80/iStock/thinkstock
  • Lead Market Competitions North Rhine-Westphalia: v. l. n. r.: robertsrob/iStock/Thinkstock | Pipelines: Andrei Merkulov; Flaschen: Ryan McVay; Holz: yellowpaul | thinkstock/iStock/welcomia | thinkstock/iStock/alphaspirit | zhu difeng/ | BONNINSTUDIO/iStock/Thinkstock | simonkr/istock/Thinkstock | WavebreakmediaMicro/
  • MARE:N: Coastal, Marine and Polar Research for Sustainability: Prof. Dr. Marc Kochzius
  • Maritime Research Strategy 2025: Siem Offshore Contractors GmbH
  • Mittelstand.innovativ! Initiative – Innovation Assistant: CasPhotography/iStock/thinkstock
  • Model Region Electric Mobility Bavaria: typhoonski/iStock/thinkstock
  • National Research Strategy BioEconomy 2030: #169 Alexander Raths/iStock
  • Nationale Climate Initiative: 9comeback/iStock/thinkstock
  • National Innovation Programme Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology (NIP): 100pk/iStock/thinkstock
  • New Materials in Bavaria: agsandrew/iStock
  • Research Campus – Public-Private Partnership for Innovation: Getty Images/Hero Images
  • Research for Sustainable Development: Prof. Dr. Ulf Riebesell, GEOMAR
  • State Research Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania: AlexRaths/iStock/thinkstock
  • Scientific and Technological Cooperation: Dr. Tim Jennerjahn/ Zentrum für Marine Tropenökologie (ZMT)
  • WIPANO - Knowledge and Technology Transfer through Patents and Standards: TimArbaev/iStock/thinkstock
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