National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology Innovation Programme (NIP)

an initiative of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI)

Hydrogen and fuel cells will play an important role in a sustainable energy economy in the long term. The major challenges that must be met before a broad-based market launch of fuel cells can be implemented include extending service lives, improving the performance of the individual components and in particular, reducing production costs.

Germany is in a good position to meet these challenges. It is one of Europe’s leading nations for hydrogen and fuel cell technology. In order to further expand this leading position, in February 2008 the Federal Government founded the National Organization for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology (NOW). Its mission is to develop and prepare the market for internationally competitive hydrogen and fuel cell technology products. NIP was jointly launched by BMVBS, BMWi, BMBF, as well as BMU and is scheduled to run for 10 years. Over this period, the Federal Government will provide € 500 million, with industry contributing the same amount to the project.

Project Management Jülich has been commissioned to coordinate both NOW and NIP and in cooperation with NOW, implements project funding in the energy technologies business area. The funding priorities are transport and hydrogen infrastructure, stationary energy supply and the use of fuel cells in a wide variety of applications with particular proximity to the market (specialized markets).


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