Next-Generation Maritime Technologies

a programme for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi)

The maritime economy is highly significant for Germany’s competitiveness as a location for technology, production, and logistics. Around 90 % of European foreign trade and some 40 % of domestic trade is conducted by sea. Germany conducts about 60 % of its exports via sea transport. Nearly 100 % of raw materials such as coal, oil and ore, which play a major role in our large key sectors of automotive industry, information technology, chemistry, aerospace, and energy, are procured via maritime transport routes. The maritime economy is a high-tech sector that with around 400,000 employees and annual turnover of more than of over € 54 billion is one of Germany’s most important and most advanced industry sectors. At the same time, however, more than any other sector, it is faced with extremely tough international cutthroat competition.

BMWi’s restructured "Next-Generation Maritime Technologies" research programme emphasizes the key role played by the maritime economy. Research and development in shipbuilding, navigation and marine technology serves as the foundation for innovative maritime products that ensure Germany’s position as an international leader.

The programme contributes to supporting Germany companies with developing and using maritime products, to improving competitiveness on the global market and to securing jobs. It comprises the four areas of ship technology, navigation, production of maritime systems, and marine technology.


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