Coastal, Marine and Polar Research for Sustainability (MARE:N)

Photo credit: Prof. Dr Marc Kochzius

Federal Ministry of Education and Research
Research Institutions, Universities, Businesses

The "MARE:N - Coastal, Marine and Polar Research for Sustainability" research program is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research for the purpose of protecting our seas, coasts and poles.

What role do oceans play in storing heat and carbon dioxide, and how do rising sea levels and a changing climate affect coastal regions? What are the consequences of the littering and acidification of the oceans in terms of biological diversity and providing for the needs of humanity? These and other questions are at the heart of marine research. The challenge lies in maintaining the ecological balance of the marine and polar regions and securing the use of natural resources and ecosystem services in the long term for both current and future generations.

Coastal, marine and polar research is expected to confront these challenges during the coming decades and find preventative solutions. In this sense, it can be thought of as future-oriented, comprehensive "preventative research" which is geared toward innovation. Global challenges call for interdisciplinary research approaches. They provide insights which enable us to assess changes and formulate forecasts for the future of our planet.

Federal Research Minister Dr. Johanna Wanka introduced MARE:N in June, 2016. Under the umbrella of the Research for Sustainable Development Framework Program (FONA), MARE:N has formulated new joint objectives for future research funding in the coastal, marine and polar regions. At the same time, the programme is initiating a dialog on research policy with experts from research institutes, business, civil society and government in order to develop solutions for the future of the oceans and seas based on reliable information.

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