Geosciences for Sustainability (GEO:N)

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Federal Ministry of Education and Research
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The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) will introduce the principal focus of its geoscientific research funding programme for the coming years with its "GEO:N – Geosciences for Sustainability" programme. The programme focuses on terrestrial and marine geosciences, as well as geoscientific earth observation. Issues concerning the exploration and exploitation of subterranean geosystems and the early detection of natural hazards will be the thrust of the programme, which will also include a study of the paleoclimate and the environmentally sound development of geological resources.

GEO:N has an open structure. This facilitates identification of current issues over several years and redefinition of the respective priorities. The programme is intended to create stronger links between fundamental and applied geoscientific research and promote interdisciplinary research, GEO:N is part of the BMBF's “Research for Sustainable Development (FONA)” programme.

Geschlossene Förderinitiativen

Förderinitiative Ministerium Einreichungsfrist
Digital geosystems: virtual methods and digital tools for geoscientific applications Federal Ministry of Education and Research 15.02.2023
Project Management Jülich: the year 2023 in numbers
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