Bavarian Energy Research Programme

The image shows photovoltaic modules.

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Bavarian State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy
until 2018
Businesses, SMEs

Bavaria’s future energy supply must be safe, affordable, environmentally friendly and socially acceptable. The new Bavarian energy concept “Energy Innovative” aims to significantly develop renewable energies, and increase the energy efficiency of industrial plants.

The Bavarian Energy Research Programme is an important component of Bavaria’s overall “Energy Innovative” concept which considers the transformation of energy supply to be a key task. It aims to promote the research, development and application of new energies while developing and testing new energy saving technologies.

The principal thematic focal points of the programme are:

  • Research and development of new energy and energy saving technologies
  • Aid for investment in innovative, energy-saving measures and in the funding of renewable energies used for the purposes of demonstration and implementation (demo project)
  • Technical feasibility studies leading to industrial research or experimental development

The implementation of the project must involve considerable technical and economic risk. In addition, the projects must feature a high level of innovation, i.e. the capacities of the technologies, products and services to be developed or demonstrated must go beyond the state of the art in science and technology.

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Ongoing projects
millions in funding disbursed

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