7th Energy Research Programme of the Federal Government/Applied Energy Research

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Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action
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The German Federal Government’s 7th Energy Research Programme was adopted in September 2018. The programme sets out guidelines for the Federal Government’s energy research policy in the coming years. Approximately € 6 billion has been earmarked for this area of research until 2022. The associated call for proposals was published in the Federal Gazette on 18 October 2018, replacing the previous call for the 6th Energy Research Programme.

The energieforschung.de website provides information about BMWi’s funding programmes in the area of applied non-nuclear energy research as part of the 7th Energy Research Programme. In particular, it includes information on the following:

Three departments are participating in the 7th Energy Research Programme: the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy in the area of applied research, the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture in the area of application-oriented biomass research, and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research in all areas of basic research.

Geschlossene Förderinitiativen

Förderinitiative Ministerium Einreichungsfrist
Electrochemical materials and processes for green hydrogen and green chemistry (ECCM) Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action 07.02.2023
Project Management Jülich: the year 2023 in numbers
Ongoing projects
millions in funding disbursed

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