European Coordination Initiatives


Title Projecttype Runtime Coordination / Participation
ACT (CCS technologies) ERA-Net-Cofund 2016–2022 participation
BIOHorizon (food safety, sustainable agriculture, marine and maritime research and bioeconomy) CSA 2014–2018 participation
C-Energy 2020 (Network of the National Contact Points Energy) CSA 2014–2018 participation
CoBioTech (biotechnology) ERA-Net-Cofund 2016–2021 coordination
Columbus (marine research) CSA 2015–2018 participation
EIP Water (innovations in the water industry) EIP continuous participation
EXPAND II (sustainable urban development) CA (CIP) 2019-2021 participation
GeoThermal (geothermics) ERA-Net 2012–2016 participation
Geothermica (geothermics) ERA-Net-Cofund 2017–2021 participation
NCPs CaRE (Network of the National Contact Points Environment) CSA 2015–2020 coordination
Platform 2 (bioeconomy) CSA 2015–2018 participation
SmartGridPlus ERA-Net-Cofund 2015–2020 participation
SOLAR-ERA.NET (solar energy) ERA-Net 2012–2023 participation
SUGI (sustainable urban development) ERA-Net-Cofund 2016–2021 participation

Navigation and Marine Technology

Title Projecttype Runtime Coordination / Participation
MarTERA (maritime and marine research) ERA-Net-Cofund 2016–2021 coordination

Environment, Sustainability & System Earth

Title Projecttype Runtime Coordination / Participation
BONUS (Baltic Sea research) § 185- Maßnahme 2011–2017 participation
CICERONE (CIrCular Economy platfoRm for eurOpeaN priorities strategic agenda) CSA 2018-2020 participation
ERA-MIN 2 (raw materials) ERA-Net-Cofund 2016–2021 participation
IC4WATER (international cooperation in the area of water) CSA 2017–2021 participation
JPI-Urban Europe (sustainable urbanization) JPI continuous participation
JPI Oceans (marine research) JPI continuous participation
JPI Water (water and hydrological sciences) JPI continuous participation
OCEANS 2 (maritime and marine research) CSA 2016–2019 participation
VERAM (raw materials) CSA 2015–2018 participation
WaterWorks2015 (research cooperation between the Member States in the area of water) ERA-Net-Cofund 2016–2020 participation
WatEUr (water and hydrological science) CA (CIP) 2013–2016 participation

Life Sciences

Title Projecttype Runtime Coordination / Participation
CASyM (systematic medicine) CSA 2012–2017 coordination
CoBiTe (biotechnology) ERA-Net-Cofund 2016–2021 coordination
EIP-AGRI (agricultural productivity and sustainability) EIP annually extended participation
ERA-GAS (greenhouse gases in the agriculture) ERA-Net-Cofund 2016–2021 participation
ERA-IB 2 (industrial biotechnology) ERA-Net 2011–2016 participation
ERACoSysMed (systematic medicine) ERA-Net-Cofund 2015–2019 coordination
FACCE EraNet+ (agriculture, food safety and climate change) ERA-Net Plus 2013–2018 participation
FACCE Evolve (support of a JPI for agriculture, food safety and climate change) CSA 2015–2020 participation
FACCE Surplus (sustainable agriculture for foodstuff systems and non-foodstuff systems) ERA-Net-Cofund 2015–2021 coordination
Fit for Health 2.0 (health research) CSA 2013–2017 participation
Infect-ERA (infectious deseases) ERA-Net 2013–2016 participation
JPI-FACCE (agriculture, food safety and climate change) JPI continuous participation
JPI-HDHL (nutrition and health) JPI continuous participation
MBT (marine biotechnology) CSA 2013–2017 participation
SUSAN (animal production) ERA-Net start 2016 participation
Susfood 2 (nutrition) ERA-Net-Cofund 2016–2021 coordination

Materials Technologies

Title Projecttype Runtime Coordination / Participation
M-ERA.NET 2 (materials science and engeneering) ERA-Net-Cofund 2016–2021 participation
NMP-TeAm3 (support of the NMP-NCP-Networks) CSA 2015–2016 participation
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