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Project Management Jülich (PtJ) sees research and innovation as a cyclical process which includes an assessment of the impact of funding programmes which have been implemented. We utilise a suitable toolkit to manage the evaluation processes which are important for furthering the development of funding concepts and disseminate information regarding projects with innovation potential to experts in the respective fields and to the public. In this way, we can ensure that project funding makes a lasting contribution to securing the future by consistently providing new stimuli.


The effectiveness and efficiency of selected funding initiatives and support programmes are evaluated in order to assess the contribution funded projects make to the objectives of the research and innovation policy. The most important tool for this is the evaluation which includes verifying whether the objectives of a funding measure have been achieved, what effects have resulted from the funding, and the ratio of achievements to the invested funds. Impact analyses include quantitative and qualitative survey methods such as standardised surveys and expert interviews. These methods make it possible to focus on selected questions and to shed light on various perspectives. The information gained from the evaluation serves as the basis for furthering the development of funding measures.

We support the evaluation processes for the funding measures that we administer. As a member of the German Evaluation Society e. V. (DeGEval), we apply the Society’s quality standards to our evaluation assignments and participate in DeGEval’s continuous development of evaluation methods.

We also co-ordinate communication between the professional and scientific communities as part of our support of innovation activity. In addition, we support our clients and the funding recipients in communicating the research results generated by the funding programmes to the professional community and the public. We organise numerous events in various formats for different target groups from sectors, such as politics, business and science, including status seminars, trade fair appearances, and congresses. We also create print publications, online platforms and multimedia presentations. In addition, we work with our clients in the context of media relations and political communications for the funding initiatives and programmes we administer. We always keep an eye on current trends in scientific communication and continuously develop our portfolio.

Communicating success stories is a priority for professional and scientific communications at PtJ, as they give the professional community an impetus for ongoing research and development projects. Success stories show the general public how project funding contributes to overcoming societal challenges.

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